Hello, I’m Emma Kelsall

I’ve always loved interiors whether it’s a cosy cottage, grand Georgian house, swanky hotel, an imposing museum or a quirky garden shed. Wonderful and practical design can happen anywhere if the ideas and the means are there. So, let me help you create the interior you’ve always wanted. I have a First BA Honours Degree in Interior Design from De Montfort University and I specialise in residential interiors. I am committed to using a sustainable approach so that the environmental impact of my designs is minimal.

I came to interior design later in life, having had a public sector career. There’s nothing like a complete life change to refresh and rejuvinate and I am delighted be using my creative skills in my chosen profession.

If you’ve a project you are just itching to get on with, please contact me and let’s see how we can work together.

Email me at emmakelsallinteriors@outlook.com or follow me on:

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